About me and my blog.

Hello there,
I'm bunny. A little girl who's only 13 years old, in love with photography, writing, fashion, beauty, and pink. I live in a small village, in a small country in Europe, The Netherlands is always rainy, most people would see that as a huge thing. Who likes rain, right? Well, i do. I love to sit with my lazy ass by the big table in the kitchen with a huge cup of hot chocolate just doodling some stuff while i hear the rain tickling on the window. The mbost relaxing and peacefull moments in life i guess.
In the Netherlands we don't speak English but we speak dutch. English isn't my best language but i really like to speak is so..  that's what i do. Grammar and stuff like that isn't the best but i like it and i'm still learning. Please don't judge me, just laugh about my stupid faults, promise? hahaha.

I'm a really shy girl with a low self esteem and a lot of pretty girls around me ( yup, that doesn't make my self esteem higher or something. ) But i'm trying to be myself and just make the best of it. I don't say that much but i think a lot, that's what i do the whole day. Imagine, having fantasy's. I think writing is a good way for me to let all those imagines and stuf free and clear my head.

I have a huge obsession for bloggers but mostly youtubers. I love to watch youtube video's all day long and some of those youtubers really feel like friends for me ( isn't that sad? hahaha )
I wish one day i can start my own channel since i'm in love with montage and making videos. I'm not confident enough so that's where it's going wrong. All those haters aren't really motivaters for me but one day, you will see me at the front page and i will be that girl who everybody talks about and was once that shy, shy girl. ( A girl can dream, right? )

With my blog i want to clear my head and inspiring people. I want to inspire the world and discover the huge and hard blogger world. Blogging is also such a huge wish for me, maybe even bigger than making video's. I love to write, to inspire people, maybe i'm born to start a blog?

Well, if you have any questions just see the ' contact ' page and mail me!
Lots of love,

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