zaterdag 16 november 2013

My goal this christmas

Idk, normally i'm not that kinda girl who sets goals and shit like that. I know when i set a goal i can only be mad at myself because i know it won't go like i imagined it. Beside that i don't have anything to set goals to. My life is just okay, you know. No very special, not very boring just.. just okay. But this christmas i have a goal, i have a goal that's quite important for me. I know i'm not gonna help the world with it or something but it's a big step for myself. It's gonna sound quite dumb but.. this christmas.. this christmas i'm gonna wear a tight dress. Wowwww, i said it. I said it, wow ohmygod. Now i have to do it, right? gosh. It sounds dumb i know but my body always been a issue. I'm not as skinny as my friends are. I'm not fat, no i'm not but it just feels like it is. I just don't feel confidence with myself and i know as long as i'm not fine with myself others will see that. I mean, why would anyone love me if i don't love myself? I need to embrace my imperfections. Embrace my curves and embrace allll the thing society doesn't like, This christmas i'm gonna wear a tight dress. I'm gonna shine, i'm gonna rock that motherfucking dress. I'm ready, Challenge accepted baby. Challenge accepted.

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