zondag 17 november 2013

I'm gonna wear that invisible crown.

What i said yesterday, i wanna wear a tight dress. i think i want more. i need more. I'm so insecure about every single flaw. I feel so bad in my own skin. I need to change that.. if i don't think i'm beautiful, who will? Things really need to change. I'm gonna embrace my body. Maybe i won't be easy and i will think a lot of times ' why didn't i born prettier? ' But i think that when i keep going on and i will see the things that are beautiful everything will be okay. I'm not gonna be that insecure, shy girl anymore. I'm gonna wear that invisible crown and fucking rock it.
Everyday i will look in the mirror and tell myself the good things instead of all the bad things. I will embrace my curves. Maybe society doesn't think i'm pretty with my big nose and small mouth but guurrll, i'm gonna show my classmates, the world, the universe that i am pretty.. Cause i am, but i just don't see it.
once when i was like nine years old my teacher told me ' look everyday in the mirror and say ' i'm beautiful ' the first view days you won't believe it but one day, when you keep doing it, you will open your eyes. ' At that moment i just laughed and looked away. Freaking bullshit he was telling me, right? Nooooo, after all these years I see.. he was right. And i'm gonna follow his advice.
i'm gonna learn to love myself again.

zaterdag 16 november 2013

My goal this christmas

Idk, normally i'm not that kinda girl who sets goals and shit like that. I know when i set a goal i can only be mad at myself because i know it won't go like i imagined it. Beside that i don't have anything to set goals to. My life is just okay, you know. No very special, not very boring just.. just okay. But this christmas i have a goal, i have a goal that's quite important for me. I know i'm not gonna help the world with it or something but it's a big step for myself. It's gonna sound quite dumb but.. this christmas.. this christmas i'm gonna wear a tight dress. Wowwww, i said it. I said it, wow ohmygod. Now i have to do it, right? gosh. It sounds dumb i know but my body always been a issue. I'm not as skinny as my friends are. I'm not fat, no i'm not but it just feels like it is. I just don't feel confidence with myself and i know as long as i'm not fine with myself others will see that. I mean, why would anyone love me if i don't love myself? I need to embrace my imperfections. Embrace my curves and embrace allll the thing society doesn't like, This christmas i'm gonna wear a tight dress. I'm gonna shine, i'm gonna rock that motherfucking dress. I'm ready, Challenge accepted baby. Challenge accepted.