vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

' She learned me to smile. '

Having that one friend who you love to dead. I didn't tell you about Kitty, right? Kitty is my bestest best friend in the whole world. No, she isn't just an imagine, she's real, haha ( I know, why should I deserve the bestest friend in the world? Idk, ask jesus. ) I don't know her so long, i was nine years old ( now i'm 13 ) I moved to this village and i met Kitty at school. At first we didn't really talk, i was the shy kid, you know. When i talked about Kitty with my mum i always talked about ' the girl with the green eyes ' I was to shy to ask Kitty's name. All i knew about her was the green, green eyes the has. Like, when you see her the first thing you see are the big green beautiful eyes. After a couple months we started to talk, we matched so good! And since that moment we NEVER grew apart. She was me, i was her , we were one. We were like peanutbutter and jelly, like ying and yang. We were always together. She's the one that thought me to be myself, to be not afraid to smile, she's the funniest girl i ever met. We dance, we smile, we jump, i think she's the only one on this entire planet i can be completely myself. It's sad, we don't sit at the same school. I can't see her everyday but we try to see each other at least every week. I can't live without her.
This summer we went to France together ( yes, my parents came with us. i told you i was 13, lol. ) So much adventures, the best vacation ever. I can talk for hours about her, she's mine. My best friend, my little kitty cat x

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