dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Hello my little bitchesss.

Hello there everyone, i'm Bunny and i've started a new blog. I'm a little girl ( only 13 years old, oopsie! ) and I live in the Netherlands. I love to speak English but it isn't my best language. I don't really care í'm not that good in it, i like to speak it so i speak it. Bam, i've only typed a couple words and you will probably think i'm a cool indepented woman but no. I was and will always be that shy girl who never says a single word. That doesn't mean i'm boring, even when a lot of people think that. I think a lot, i imagine a lot and in my head i'm a kind of cool person. ( lol, kind of eh.. Not really cool.. kind of.. hehe. )
I love to write and i've started a couple blogs before. All dutch, this is my first in english. I hope i can reach more viewers this way PLUS i think this is a good way to learn!

I'm gonna write about a lot of things: Sometimes beauty, you will see some fashion thingy's here, maybe some reviews but mostly my weird thoughts on everything. Everytime i want to write and i wanna clear my head I'm gonna write about all different stuf. My life is kinda boring but guuurrll, i can tell from every little thing a whole story.

Well, this was just a simple, short and introducing post. I hope you guys become my best friends!
Lots of love,
Bunny <3

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