woensdag 9 oktober 2013

cheek piercings.

Ohmygawwwwwwd, my love for cheek piercings is so big. Like.. they can make you so cute and so sexy and idk, i just love them, my question ' Do you have to be sexy as fuck for cheek piercings, or make the cheek piercings you sexy as fuck? ' i mean, seriously, did you ever ever ever saw someone who didn't looked perfect with cheek piercing? Because i didn't. No one even looked a little bit not perfect, they are all per-fec-tion. Ohmygawd, i love them so much. I know, or you serious love them or you really hate them. There's no one between, but i love them for sure!
here are some picsss of cheekpiercing girls! ( i'm sure you gonna cry because this is perfection, i warned you.)

♔Queen Versace♔

One, two, you're the girl that I want.

Girl With Purple & Silver Hair Septum Piercing Cheek Piercings & Tattoos photo NinaLeeCherryAmbition's photos - Buzznet

glitter in my veins





I warned you, i know you're crying right know. It's to much perfection to handle, i know. I feel you, babe.
Would you ever take cheek piercings? I won't, i think you need kind of dimples and i don't have those.. plus, i think you need to be sexy as a motherfucker, lol.

Lots of love,

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