woensdag 9 oktober 2013

' be yourself. ' but who am i?

Am i the only one who has all different sides? Like, i want to be that cool pink hair girl who is super hot and have all those piercings every where, i want to be the cute one who wears dresses and skirts all the time, i want to be the ' swagger ' girl with a baseball jacket and a snapback and high knee socks you know, i want to be the hipster with the oversized sweaters and beanies, i want to be a slut with porn blond hair and short skirts but instead of all that i'm just here like the most boring girl in the whole city with no attitude or name. I'm just here like ' hi ' you know. it's very frusterating, hahaha.
I think it's also how i feel, some weeks i'm sooo into the scene style and all that stufffff but the next day i want to be the perfect pink barbie. I have so many sides, i don't even know who i am. ' Be yourself. ' yes, i will BUT IDK WHO I AM. ugh, issues.
short article but made with a lot of love i guess, let me know, do you have te same problem? haha.

lots of love,

fuck this and fuck that

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